Bloodhound SSC Project

Start: 16th October 2018 2:00 pm

You are warmly invited to hear about the Bloodhound SSC Project on Tues 16 October 2018 at 2pm and 7pm in the Bushell Hall at Solihull School organised by Olton and District U3A (University of the Third Age) and Solihull School who are providing the venue. Parking is available on the School site. 

As the poster explains this is about a World Land Speed Record attempt of 1,000mph, but the work to achieve this is aimed at inspiring interest in science and technology, particularly among school and college students. You do not need any previous knowledge of engineering or science to appreciate this lecture, as it is designed to guide a general audience into the science involved, with lots of photos and film clips, but the speaker can answer technical questions from the audience.

The presentation will cover
1.  The aims of the project and the technical challenges raised by getting a car to move at 1,000 mph.
2.  The history of land speed records and British involvement and success in this, and the Bloodhound Project's history so far and the groups who are supporting it e.g. the British government and its armed forces, Jaguar Land Rover etc .
3.  The physics of thrust versus drag, the huge forces generated at this speed and how best to combine jet and rocket power.
4.  The use of computer-aided design to reduce drag, stop the nose lifting and the car flipping.
5.  The many materials used in the car's construction and what each adds.
6.  Designing new alternatives to wheels.
7.  How to keep the driver alive.
8.  The worldwide geographical hunt to find a location 12 miles long, 1 mile wide, of absolutely level ground for the World Land Speed Record attempt.
9.  The driver the car is built around, Wing Commander Andy Green, and the skills he brings to the task.
10.  The use of the Bloodhound project to inspire all students to study sciences, technology, engineering and maths, by telling them about it and involving them in a range of activities linked to Bloodhound. The presentation will last 2 hours, the first hour is the presentation and the remaining time is for questions & comments. 

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