Church Without Walls

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At the May 2016 Synod, led by Jesus Christ, the Birmingham District of the Methodist Church launched Church Without Walls –

an inclusive Gospel movement fueled by community-focused mission and evangelism

that builds relationships with new people

by starting new congregations

                            revitalising existing congregations

                                        and raising up new leaders.

We launched this long-term initiative because, in the midst of seismic cultural changes,

we dream of a bold, growing church that doesn’t retreat into locked-up buildings but risks finding freedom in the world, in ministry with people of every race, gender, age, sexuality, perspective and politics.

For Christ is our peace, who has brought us together by tearing down all the dividing walls of exclusion and hostility. —Ephesians 2.14

Church Without Walls offers us an opportunity to reshape the culture of our churches in ways that make mission a priority and a reality, helping us to grow as communities following Jesus and reaching out to God’s world. –Ian Howarth, Chair of the Birmingham District 

Church Without Walls equips us with practical tools to start conversations, discern relevant missional strategies, and build confidence for faith-sharing and launching new forms of church.

 —Trey Hall, Mission Advisor of the Birmingham District



The 2017/18 Connexional Year one of focused reflection, training, and action that fuels our long-term commitment to Church Without Walls, including:

  • Challenges for every Circuit and Congregation in Four Pathways:

1. Claiming God’s Mission With Us

2. Growing Congregational Confidence

3. Getting Outside Our Buildings

4. Identifying Places for New Congregations

  • Mission Training events that generate new ideas, new skills, and new leaders
  • Coaching, equipping, and practical support from the District for Circuits, Congregations, small groups, lay leaders and Ministers who are ready to lead change


Find out more by downloading any of the following resources:

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