Campaigning in Hebron

Message from Rachel Darby member at Cambridge Road Methodist Church:-

I am currently in Hebron, Palestine and working on a project which hopes to promote awareness of the situation of women here through a campaign called "24 Faces of Conflict". The campaign will share the faces and stories of women from the area. Along with the campaign, I will be taking part in the "3 Seas Challenge" in which I will go to the Dead Sea, Mediterranean and Red Sea, covering this vast distance in just 24 hours, hoping to raise funds for a girls school in the community I have been living with.

This is a massive project, and I was wondering if there is any way I could share it with the Birmingham District? I would be more than happy to run a talk (or several) when I get back (after August 14th). We want as many people as possible to get behind the campaign, so if you can think of any other ways I could get the message out that would be amazing.

Before I get back, it would be wonderful if people could like and share and donate via the Facebook page.

I realise that lots of people will be on vacation in August, but this is the month in which the fundraising will be taking place so it would be ideal to do talks this month.

Of course, I can also do something in September focused on awareness, and the general experience of being here. 

Thanks and best wishes,

Rachel Darby