John Nodding's Book Now Published





“A Small Piece of Pure Gold”


Jack McGinnigle and John Nodding



John Nodding has been a faithful servant of Christ and of Methodism in Birmingham for many years: a greatly loved Treasurer, Church Steward, Circuit Steward, Synod Secretary…. Last year he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, and through his failing health, with the help of writer Jack McGinnigle, he has written his memoirs; memories of a life both ordinary and extraordinary, touched by tragedy but infused with joy and with faith.


The tone is homely, conversational even, with stories of various aspects of life within family, business and church, painting a picture of what it means to be a committed lay person within the life of Methodism over the last sixty years, and the joys and tensions of holding family, business and church life together. Some parts will speak to different people. I was particularly struck by the way he described how the personality and capability of ministers can have such an effect on lay leaders in our churches.


At the heart of the book, though, is John’s family, and the way he relates the joys and sorrows of family life to his relationship with Christ and the life of the church. All this is movingly set in the context of John’s current illness, and the epilogue is a moving testimony to a life in which despite the tragedies, and despite the nature of MND there are no regrets, but just an openness to learn of and respond to God. We thank God for all John has offered over the years, and for this wonderful testimony of faith at the end of his life.



Reviewed by:


Rev Ian Howarth

Chairman, Birmingham District

The Methodist Church