News from David Butterworth

Last Thursday night it was my privilege to 'ask' bham city leadership to open doors wider to refugees. From the Oct 15 'ask' of 50 to a 2016 'ask' of 500! (100 ea yr for 5 years). Thank goodness Bham Circuit joined the nonpartisan alliance of Citizens UK Birmingham. Cross party support said yes! 

Good role model for wider Circuits and Connexion. (Photo: BCC Council Leader John Clancy (Labour) and Cllr Bobby Alden - (Conservative). Photo credit - Eddy Aigbe - Lozells MC ).

Earlier in the day I had been in London, with a Govt Minister and Senior Home  Office  staff exploring a Private Sponsorship model on behalf of MCB. They finally, after months, said YES to a pilot. Now we need to detail the how. 

Previously I had the opportunity to speak in the House of Lords  Committee Room meeting around sponsorship some months ago and many attending said sincere thanks for our leadership. The Jewish community reminded us that theMethodist  Church was a prime mover in the Kinder Transport initiative many years ago and powerfully thanked us for our help both then and now

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