Press Release

Birmingham Church Leader Calls for Support to End Post Referendum Hate

12th July 2016

Rev Ian Howarth is District Chair and head of the Methodist Church in the Birmingham District. He is urging people to write to their MP and call for them to ensure that there is respect and tolerance in our national life in the wake of the divisive EU Referendum.

The call follows a national increase in racist incidents and the growing concerns of minority communities that they are feeling unwanted and threatened.

“For some, the referendum has been an excuse to justify acts of racism and hate. The outcome of the referendum has isolated many people and divided our communities,” said the Rev Howarth.“We must ensure those in power do all they can to ensure that this deeply worrying growth in racist incidents is dealt with quickly.”

“As Methodists, we are called to support our neighbours and communities and to seek justice for all.   These are very complex and, for some, worrying times and I urge those of all faiths and those of none to join us and stop the growth of hate in our society.”

A special website page has been created to help people contact their MP and call for their support for the campaign.