Susanna Wesley Play

Solo Plus Theatre Company established in 1988 offers performances of 'Susanna Wesley – a Woman of Spirit' to churches and other organizations. The performance which lasts one hour fifteen minutes is suitable to be used to replace the Sunday service as it can be shortened if necessary, or as an outreach, celebration or piece of theatre. It is basically a one woman show highlighting Susanna's faith and endurance – a woman  who bore nineteen children and had a strong desire to serve God with the whole of her life. From an early age she dedicated herself to God becoming a Church of England member at the age of thirteen despite her father Samuel Annasley being a Minister and a Non Conformist or Dissenter as they were then called.  Eventually she married Samuel Wesley a Church of England Minister with High Church leanings much to the disgust of his parishioners who preferred simpler services. Susanna had an immense influence on her family taking most of their schooling upon herself and often being responsible for both their material and spiritual welfare. Her kitchen table ministry is legendary and through this she brought many to her Lord and Saviour and greatly increased the size of her husband's congregation. A devout Christian she spent two hours each day in prayer. She determined at a young age not to spend more time at leisure than she did with her Lord.

Written and performed by Linda Mae a professional actor, M.A (Contemporary Theatre Practice), Certificate  of Education, Diploma in Theology, LLAM, LGSM,  and Local Methodist Preacher it follows the life of Susanna Wesley and her family.

Ghosts in the Rectory, a fight with smallpox, house fires, a husband in debtors prison – Susanna's life was not an easy one. Her mother's twenty-fourth child, and her father's twenty fifth child born on January 20th 1669, her most famous children were of course John and Charles Wesley. Having sole charge of the household her faith and tenacity kept her going against all the odds. She was a remarkable woman, highly educated for her time.

Come and hear her amazing story, find out about her children, one of whom eloped and lived to regret it, and another who married a clergyman and philanderer who got one of his servants pregnant and later sailed to the West Indies with his present mistress. Although Susanna loved her husband he spent little time with her at one time leaving her for a year to care for the children while he worked in other parishes because she wouldn't agree with him over what to her was a matter of principle. Hear about the conversion of John and Charles which took place after them both being Ministers for years and going to Georgia as missionaries when John and Charles were both in their thirties . Also hear about Susanna's own conversion at the age of seventy, and that of her youngest daughter Kezziah. Meet Charles Wesley and listen to many of the famous Wesley hymns and join in singing some of them. £350 per performance.

Comments from our latest performance included 'We enjoyed your interpretation of Susanna Wesley's story'. 'It felt as if we were listening to a story that we had never known or heard before'. 'It brought back memories of my visit to Epworth the home of the Wesley's'. 'It was wonderful to hear the old Wesley hymns.'

To book a performance telephone Linda Mae on 0121 770 6568 or email