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"The Birmingham Methodist District seeks to enable the church to be growing disciples of Jesus Christ for the Kingdom of God."

 The District works with local churches and circuits to support them and encourage them to grow in the following ways:

  • the holiness, transformation and commitment of her members (growth in depth) - both individuals and churches
  • transformed society (growth in the outworking of our discipleship)
  • increased number of disciples of Jesus Christ (growth in numbers of new members)

The church seeks to grow not for its own sake but so that it can be an effective agent of the Kingdom of God

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Start: 27th April 2018 10:30 am End: 27th April 2018 4:00 pm

Dalit Solidarity & the Churches’ Dalit Support Group

Doing Theology in a Strange Land: insights from Dalit Theology into Caste Discrimination in India and Britain (Psalm 137, vs 4)


Start: 29th April 2018 6:00 pm

Christian Aid in Haiti

Prospery Raymond, the country manager in Haiti for Christian Aid, will share something of the experience of the people and the work of Christian Aid as they recover from two major natural disasters with the support of fund-raisers.


Start: 1st May 2018 10:00 am End: 1st May 2018 12:00 pm

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